Dirty Grin

Our Approach

We don't mind "getting dirty" in our hands on treatment. (Actually this is a photo of some of my bike riding friends after riding some of the dusty trails of Bend Oregon). Every patient is different and we try to work with whatever it takes for each individual person.

Our Story

In 1975 Dr. Gene was involved in a roll-over accident as a passenger in a Sunbeam Alpine convertible, (Not a good idea to roll-over a convertible), and injured his neck. After a visit to the pediatrician who said he would be fine even though his head was distinctly tilting and turned to the side, he went to a Chiropractor in his home town of Santa Maria. After a few weeks Gene was back to normal. (Well, at least as normal as he will ever be).

Following high school he went to a technical college to become a Respiratory Therapist. He continued training in RT and became certified in Pulmonary Function testing and then to become part of the team with Neonatal Transport for premature infants. At Marian Hospital he met his wonderful wife Barbara who is an RN. It was with her encouragement that he re-entered college to become a Chiropractor.

Our Incredible People

These people are truly the best and we are Thankful to work together and Thankful to help patients live longer, healthier lives.

Barb Rose


Office Manager and "Nana"

Barb is a graduate of Creighton University where she obtained her Bachelors of Nursing degree. After several years of hospital based acute care in many different areas.....she was convinced to come work at the office as our office manager and Insurance specialist.



Michelle is originally from Sedalia Missouri and still has a hint of a midwestern accent, (of course she'll deny it). She has been at the office for over 13 years and has the most incredible and contagious laugh. It is truly a pleasure to spend time with her. Of course she is really good with children and loves to hold all the babies that come in to get adjusted with their parents! Oh, and she knows all the ins and outs of dealing with the paperwork and headaches of insurance companies.



Chris is our resident Culinary Expert! Whenever you talk with Chris expect to be hungry and craving strange and spicy foods when you are done. He is Barb and Gene's oldest son.

Dani Race


Dani has completed her studies at Hancock College on her way to becoming an elementary teacher. She loves working with children, which is a good thing now that her and Nolan have a handsome, vibrant young son Killian!



Nolan was raised in Santa Maria and is one of a set of Triplets! He was injured in training with Air Force and with his disability is continuing his education with a goal of becoming a Chiropractor himself. He plans of going to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa and returning to the central coast when he graduates.



Killian is at the office a couple of mornings each week with Dani. It is his job to be just Too Cute and make everyone say "Awwwww"!

Next Steps...

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